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Like the title and blog URL says, this blog is dedicated to bringing you facts about the boys of B1A4!
I will not only be posting facts but would sometimes post quotes as well ^^

Per Member facts:
Wonderful* Tonight (rumored track) is composed by Jinyoung, and its lyrics written by BARO, Jinyoung and CNU.
07 Sep 2011 20 notes

Jinyoung’s favorite part of his body are his eyes.
14 Aug 2011 21 notes

Jinyoung wants to have the ability to make a lot of money, so he can help the poor and needy.
13 Aug 2011 24 notes

Jinyoung likes Doraemon.
31 Jul 2011 25 notes

Jinyoung was a class president and was really popular in his school.
14 Jul 2011 36 notes