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Like the title and blog URL says, this blog is dedicated to bringing you facts about the boys of B1A4!
I will not only be posting facts but would sometimes post quotes as well ^^

Per Member facts:
Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Baro and Gongchan shares a room.

Sandeul is a loner. loljk

23 Jun 2011 16 notes

Gongchan likes reading Mangas.
21 Jun 2011 17 notes

If they were given a holiday…
Sandeul: I’d like to go sight-seeing around Seoul. I want to go on a picnic, and to the amusement park too.
Shinwoo: I’d like to go home.
Gongchan: I want to go to a waterpark!
21 Jun 2011 5 notes

"I was good at studying up until middle school."

~ Gongchan
20 Jun 2011 71 notes