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Like the title and blog URL says, this blog is dedicated to bringing you facts about the boys of B1A4!
I will not only be posting facts but would sometimes post quotes as well ^^

Per Member facts:
Baro doesn’t want to own a driver’s license because he’s afraid he might get into a car accident.
27 Apr 2012 13 notes

Wonderful* Tonight (rumored track) is composed by Jinyoung, and its lyrics written by BARO, Jinyoung and CNU.
07 Sep 2011 20 notes

Baro won second place in the 100m race @ Idol Sports Day.

He got 2nd place in the overall, though.

29 Aug 2011 1 note

Baro cried after listening to their album.
16 Jul 2011 12 notes

Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Baro and Gongchan shares a room.

Sandeul is a loner. loljk

23 Jun 2011 16 notes